The workshop is a productive cooperative that trains women, provides job opportunities and obtains financial income by participating in the production of handicrafts, especially crochet, macrame and embroidery, and they are involved in electronic marketing platforms as well as direct marketing in exhibitions and galleries.

Economic Empowerment for Women (Bashayer Workshop)


A program to provide and support educational opportunities:

Proceeding from the fact that education is a right guaranteed by the constitution for every citizen, illiterate women are periodically registered in education classes at the institution and under the supervision of the General Authority for Adult Education and the graduating women are enrolled in preparatory and vocational education and followed up to complete secondary education. 


The Foundation has a legal unit that provides consultations, obtains official papers, legal and judicial support for women, organizes seminars on various legal topics to raise legal awareness among women and youth, in addition to organizing trainings for lawyers, family court workers, and mosque imams on the rights guaranteed to women and children by law and the international conventions to which Egypt is a party.

Legal Empowerment Program:


Right to Health Program:

Providing health services (reproductive health/mental health) by organizing medical convoys at the institution’s headquarters and in random population centers, accompanied by raising awareness about the health of women and children and campaigns against the crime of female genital mutilation and child marriage.


The Listening and Psychological Counseling Unit supports battered women by providing counseling individually, taking into account the principle of confidentiality and privacy, in addition to awareness sessions aimed at raising the awareness of all parties involved in the case, including the violent party, in addition to organizing listening meetings with some of the violent persons.

The program to combat violence and discrimination against women and support women exposed to domestic violence:

Child Rights Support Program:

    Events are organized to develop capacities, skills and teamwork, in addition to supporting children at risk and family violence, and expanding children's opportunities to obtain formal and community education.


Awareness and training programs are organized, and youth of both sexes are involved in environmental and cultural development activities in local communities, and students of social work institutes are received for practical training on leadership and social service activities.

Program to support volunteer work and attract young people to community participation: